Preparing for a Triathlon

Simply put; Louise and Patrick at The Osteopathic Centre are brilliant. By way of background, being an avid ‘weekend warrior’ on the swim bike and run front, I clock a fair few miles in prep for Triathlon season each year. When I began to suffer severe discomfort and pain my knees the Doctors response was; “what would you like me to do about it?” Walking away with a prescription for painkillers I felt somewhat dismayed. Following this trend after numerous visits with a Physio they were unable to diagnose or treat the trouble I was encountering, all the while using my ailment to ‘sell’ me products which became apparent were unnecessary. I turned to The Osteopathic Centre after recommendations from other triathletes. Not only were they able to diagnose my condition (evident by successful treatment) in my first visitation, they went above and beyond in ensuring I fully understood the underlying factors that caused my injury and the pain that ensued. They helped me navigate various avenues available to me in terms of treatment, successfully mitigating the need for surgery which was a real possibility and far from ideal! With their help, care and guidance I’ve managed to overcome my injury, avoid surgery and have gone on to smash my P.B’s. As I said… Brilliant.

Matthew M, Welwyn, Hertfordshire