Looking After Your Back This Christmas

This time of year is when we pull the Christmas tree out from the loft or cupboard, sit on the floor wrapping our Christmas presents and spend long periods of time in the car visiting relatives. These are but a few activities which can cause back pain, neck pain and problems over the festive period.

Here are a few tips to look after yourself over the next two months leading up to Christmas

  • If driving long distances in the car try to take breaks every hour, either stretch your legs at a service station or have a walk around the petrol station.
  • When wrapping presents don’t sit on the floor in awkward positions try to wrap at table height to prevent you from bending and sit at a chair to prevent stress on your knees from kneeling.
  • Don’t lift the Christmas tree on your own! It may seem a good idea at the time but it won’t be later. Get at least 2 people to lift and move, it may not seem heavy but it doesn’t have to be!
  • If the weather turns bad and we get lots of ice, take care walking out and about. Wear sensible shoes with grip, leave time so you don’t rush and wrap up warm.
  • When Christmas shopping try not to load and carry too many bags, either go to the car and drop some off or carry a rucksack to distribute the weight centrally. Wear sensible shoes you may be on your feet a long time!